Get a pre-purchase inspection, a.k.a. buyer's home inspection, from Eagle 1 Inspection Group

A Home Is a Large Investment. Don't Go in Blind.

When you purchase a new home, you're also buying any problems that come with it. These problems can add up to a large expense. That is why a professional home inspection from Eagle 1 Inspection Group is so important. Our inspections are an objective analysis of the major systems and components such as: plumbing, electrical, roof, foundation, HVAC, and much more. You can think of a home inspection as a safety net that protects you from falling into a poor investment. Issues that are found during the inspection, which were not disclosed by the seller, can put you in a stronger position for negotiation on the buying price or you can request the seller to fix certain items.

We use all the latest property inspection tools and technologies, including a drone, to ensure we find any potential issues. Once we complete our inspection, a detailed inspection report will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Once you have a look at and read our report, you will know whether you should buy a home and if you need to negotiate with the seller on any repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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The Emotional Roller Coaster

Buying a home is a stressful process, full of ups and downs. After all, this is the foundation on which your family’s future will be built. It's easy to become attached to a home before you've bought it, making it difficult to see problems clearly. That is why it's wise to bring in an unbiased residential home inspector with current and up-to-date training to assess the condition of the home.

By knowing the issues and shortcomings of the house you can avoid surprises later and rest easy in your decision. We are here to help tip the scales in your favor.

It's About More Than Just Money

A home inspection doesn't just save you money. It also helps to protect your family. Safety issues can arise from dangerous handyman or general contract work, outdated electrical systems, lead pipes, radon, and more. We'll check the home for potential safety issues such as fire hazards, electrical hazards, steps and railings, structural problems, hazardous materials, and much more.

First-Time Home Buyers

We highly recommend and request you to attend the inspection, especially if you're a first-time home buyer. We'll show you around and help you get familiar with the mechanics of the home, as well as the location of any water or gas shut off valves. You are free to ask questions during the home inspection or any time after. By joining us on your inspection, Eagle 1 Inspection Group will strengthen your knowledge of the home and give you much-needed peace of mind, helping you make a reality out of the successful real estate investment you’ve envisioned.

Save money with a buyer's home inspection from Eagle 1 Inspection Group

When Should You Get A Home Inspection?

Home inspection services can be vital in many situations. A few times when it’s a good idea to hire a local home inspection company are:

  • Before you buy or sell a home
  • When you’re negotiating a home’s price
  • Once every few years

When you work with Eagle 1 Inspection Group, we’ll perform a thorough visual inspection and provide you with an informative report. Homeowners in Central Indiana and surrounding areas trust our local home inspection company to inform them about their prospective property.

Buyers With A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection
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